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tiedye-ragdoll asked:

Hey there, I noticed you liked my GISHWHES team post. :D Any interest in joining a team for this year? Shoot me an ask!

hey!!! for some reason your ask didn’t work for me so I’m writing you this way… I would love to but I’m from different country aand it would be very difficult… :)

nebulousroad asked:

Hello! I really like your blog and you с: thank you :) And from what country are you? I am from Russia and with English may be all bad :D

Hello sweetie! I’m from Slovakia, and I’m so glad that you stop by and sent me a message… :) I’m glad you like my blog, I like yours too… :*

How are you?? :) Who’s your favorite in SPN? :P

hunter-reblogador asked:

Hi :D I'm here to be social hahahaha. Just kidding. I just want to have a nice chat! I loved your blog principally when it's all about Supernatural. I am a Supernatural fan how much as you and I wish you the best work with the blog. Bye.

Hello Sweetie! Soo glad you wrote me! It’s great to know that someone loves supernatural as much as I do… :) What’s you name? Where are you from?? :D I’m Aďa and I’m sooo glad to meet ya.. :*

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